Solving CoreData race conditions

Ever seen this error when your application using CoreData crashes?

fault: NULL _cd_rawData but the object is not being turned into a fault

This happens when you're trying to access the managed entry on a thread that the NSManagedObjectContext is not on.


Well this how solved it for myself.

You'll need to have access to NSManagedObjectContext of the CoreData entry you're trying to access. I use singleton class that I can use through my app called PersistenceController.

Secondly I try to determine the failure point of this race condition. Then at the point where I have access to the NSManagedObjectContext and the Coredata entry I wrap this point in the following.

await PersistenceController.shared.context.perform {
    // whatever code you where performing

Now that I'm performing the action I wanted in the perform block, I can safely assume that we have no more race conditions in this case.